Tips on Choosing an HTML Template for Your Website

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When the websites started to expand, it was very simple to make them. However, there were very few people who could build it. Today it is rather opposite because the website is a complex entity which can be easily created and launched by almost anyone. For these reasons, the number of online websites has grown particularly in last several years. It is true that a common Internet user can create a website, but he will require a lot of help. Therefore, to allow people to design their own website at any cost, the designers offered help and a solution: website templates. These are structures which need very little customizations, especially when it comes to personalization. That way you can quickly make your own website and upload it.

Nevertheless, choosing a proper template should also be considered the important matter, and there are some tips that you should follow in order to select the right one.

1. Determine exactly what kind of a website you need

htmlWebsites need to tell about your business, company, projects, team members, offers and attract clients. Possibilities are endless, and every website has its own peculiarities. There is one common mistake which is made during the web design, and it is ignoring the specificity of a website. Therefore, set your goals first, what do you want to achieve and present with this website. So if you should make a corporate website, then you should choose a design which represents trust, power, and safety. On the other hand, if you make a website which is kids related then you know that it should be funny, colorful and illustrated with some interesting designs. Therefore, make sure you know what customers you want to attract and how does your website must look like.

2. Choose the template you need but not the one you just visually like

htmlSelecting the right template is not easy, and usually, most of the people select their templates based on their personal likings. This proved wrong in many cases, since an effective template must be chosen using your mind and not your feelings, which should be especially followed when it comes to building business websites. If you make a website with a template which you like, but which does not in any way represent your company or your business, then you can create a completely opposite effect on your potential customers. Try to write down the expectations of your clients regarding your future website and then start searching for templates that can most if not all of these expectations. If you are particularly uncertain about your judgment, then allow someone to help you or advise you on the issue.

3. Determine what type of layout and design fits your needs

htmlWhen it comes to web design you should pay attention to five key design and usability points in order to choose the right website template:

• content width design
• header layout
• navigation design
• logo placement
• overall usability and user experience

Usually, there are two content width design types like full-width and boxed width. The first one has background image stretched the full width of your computer screen, and they are an extremely popular option. The latter one has a visible frame to the left and right sides of your content. It is an excellent option for business-oriented websites since it is more traditional and professional.

The header layout is also important since it is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your website. Header layouts can include a simple logo image as well as slideshows, videos, an image with text overlays and other options.

Navigation bar design is also something you should pay attention because it is the primary tool which will lead your visitors around the website. It should be clean and simple, with a color scheme which is easy on the eyes. The position is also significant, and horizontal top navigation menu is the most common option.

The placement of your logo can say a lot about your business goals. A logo which is in the same line as your main navigation is excellent for businesses that are more focused on their products and services. However, businesses that are focused on creating a brand identity will rather put a catered logo below or above the main navigation.

Finally, overall usability and user experience should also be considered. This means that the website template should be not only attractive but also have responsive and mobile-friendly design, load quickly, and include SEO optimization.

4. Seek customer support and consider your budget

htmlWhen choosing a website template, be sure to find one which is supported by a template developer. Therefore, the developer can help if you run into any problems. Be sure to ask anything you need and want to know about your new template and make sure that your site will be an easy maintenance considering your time and budget.