WordPress Resources For First Time WordPress Users

wordpress beginners

WordPress became hugely popular in the past couple of years. It powers over 20% of internet sites, and it is an excellent way of creating websites without spending much money. Despite its success, there are many people which are not properly introduced to this concept. Because of this reason we decided to present you some of the best WordPress resources.

WordPress Blogs

There are many blogs which are full of useful tutorials as well as incredible resources that can help you follow the latest WordPress-related info. Therefore, it is the best option to check one of the best as well as oldest WordPress resources – WPKube. Besides, you should also observe resources such as Torque Mag, which continuously provides you with WordPress news, and also WP Beginner which is the most popular unofficial tutorials blog on the matter with free videos and other helpful data.

WordPress Information

If you are concerned where to find some useful information about WordPress, then you should check some online manuals and sites like WordPress Codex which provides all necessary documentation. Be sure to also the home for official WordPress resources such as Make.WordPress. Furthermore, there is The 100 WordPress Related Blogs which is an amazing collection that you will need if you want to join the world of WordPress.

WordPress Books

There are also many books written on this matter, which allow detailed information about basic steps and also an insight from the experts. In case you want to check some of these books be sure to read Pro WordPress Plugin Development. It is a comprehensive and professional book that presents plugins, tools as well as APIs available in WordPress. In addition, it is also important to check eight mini books called WordPress All in one for Dummies which provides you with extensive topics related to the WordPress community. Furthermore, you can also check Digging Into WordPress which is DigWP book for beginners, but also intermediate users as well.

WordPress Podcasts

On the other hand, if you are a fan of podcasts then there are many great WordPress Podcasts that will offer you the latest information and news, and also help you improve your site. Such podcasts include Hello Dolly, DradCast, and Your Website Engineer. They are all lead by successful entrepreneurs who are determined to help you through the tips and interviews.

Popular Themes

When it comes to picking themes, it WordPress can be hard. Especially, since there are numerous WordPress theme shops. However, if you really want to find some quality, popular and premium theme providers, be sure to visit StudioPress. Moreover, you can also find some of the best designed and well-coded WordPress themes at the site Elegant Themes as well as WooThemes.

Essential Plugins

In case you need some resources to find the essential plugins which every WordPress blog needs, then you will be happy to know that there are many sites that will provide you with excellent plugins. You can observe WordPress SEO by Yoast which allows fully optimized WordPress site, as well as GASP or Backup Buddy, which are powerfull and affordable options for your site.

WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for an extensive support concerning WordPress hosting, then it is necessary to observe resources such as WP Engine which is the hassle-free managed web hosting. You can also choose a shared hosting which is an affordable and ideal option for beginners, like InMotion hosting or you can choose popular WordPress hosting provider for $15 a month like Flywheel.

WordPress Tools and Services

When it comes to tools and services, you can get easily lost in the WordPress world since the possibilities are endless. However, if you are not particularly interested in spending a lot of money there are some excellent resources which will help you manage, monitor and improve your WordPress site effectively. In that case, you should check ManageWP that can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Besides that, you should also visit Sucuri which is a premium security service that will keep your WordPress site safe from malware and virus. Finally, make sure to check MaxCDN which provides one of the most powerful control panels at an extremely affordable price.